Saturday, May 11, 2013

Goat Power ?

My FB friend Pandit Gaurang Kodical  created a very evocative visual featuring a  goat and a politician.  The inspiration must have been this piece of news .

In a normal world, a person works for someone and gets paid. In rarefied power worlds,  a person pays the job giver , in order to work.  

In a world of bribe givers and bribe takers, it might  be considered  possible, that the Gods too, can be bribed.  With  a goat ? 

The message sent out
is that
may be used to
atone for your sins.

The GoG(Group of Gods) Up There,
have met,
scrutinized the sinner,
and just defined

People kill people.
People kill animals.
Animals kill people.

This is the fourth category.

Animals kill animals..

I rest my case.

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