Thursday, May 9, 2013

Feigning innocence

Photoblogger Pankaja  Date, is in the habit of noticing folks who are in a self examining mode, particularly if they have wings. She recently posted this capture of a crow doing exactly that at a junction of two overhead cables, in the wooded area where she lives.

The entire expression and body language of the crow just reminded me of how some people in the News have been behaving currently.

Reaching the top
is a sometimes
dicey, difficult
unless of course,
there is a
hitherto invisible
rope thrown
specially for you....

The law
looks for evidence,
the Ethics
is all about looking within .

Some look
and admit mistakes,
and some
bend deep enough
to recognize gaps
and loopholes,
through which they look,
only to
straighten up,
put on a righteous face ,
look straight back
at the world,
and say :
"Me, I am innocent!
The rope ?
What rope ?..."


  1. This is genius at work. The pictures a perfect inspiration and foil for the verse... and vice versa. :)

  2. Magiceye, Sylvia, Usha, Thank you !