Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bozoical Cosmetics....

This possibly might be the precursor to what might eventually be the Bozo India Fashion Week, but Bozo, Mumbai's only blogging dog has now started modelling exclusively for Magiceye.

Most folks get treats after they model. And Bozo has been promised some stuff too.

But really, he is not a run of the mill model, and it might be worthwhile to see what goes on in his mind, as he gives his statesman like poses while Magiceye clicks.

I mean
John Abraham,
runs shirtless and talks
creams that whiten...
And Katrina Kaif
walks around emanating
molecules of
Yardley of London,
not to mention
ShahRukh Khan
brushing teeth.

To tell the truth,
I was approached,
by  the "Oh My Dog !" Brand folks
to be
the Show stopper for India,
to display
Kiwi Shamppos,
Jojoba Shampoos
and Plum-Vanilla Fragrance Wipes
and advertise
Ear Cleaning and Eyebrow Trimming
Dog Spa treatments.

I simply raised my
naturally impressive eyebrows
had to politely decline.

I am still
the show stopper and show starter
for the family,
even though
I smell of the garden earth,
and normal bath shampoo,
with decent scrubbing,
occasional smells
of dosa
and Pohe thrown in.

I mean
why would Magiceye ask me
to model for him ?

Maybe they are coming out
with Idli flavor shampoo ?


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