Sunday, May 5, 2013

Citizen Lilly

Photoblogger Pankaja Date, lugs her camera everywhere. More so when she has just acquired a new lens. Sometimes even the butterflies notice that.

And so it came to pass that one such, hotfooted on to the spider lilly, when Pankaja was about to click, and appeared in the photo.  Thanks to her lens , you can clearly see the unfurled proboscis.

I thought there was a message in all the colors , the Spider-Lilly,  the  fancy butterfly and yes, the unfurled proboscis.

Read on

Nature never fails.

Day after day,

an opening up to the world
adorned with streaks
of the National Colors,
enjoying a green Life.

A welcoming
democratic bloom,
to all those seeking
the Honey of Life,
sharing it with all
be it
a butterfly,
a moth,
a bee
or even tiny ants.

an unexpected arrival
of a powerful
richly endowed one
the others who
scurry away .

Unlike what is happening
in our country,
the Lily mobilizes
and camouflages the honey pots.

The show stopper,
flares the wings
in frustration,
looks around
for places
to grab the honey.

The proboscis,
coiled in anger,
unable to unfurl
to steal.

The Lily is so much better
than us
at conserving resources
from the greedy types.


  1. So true! Brilliant capture and words that complement it :)

  2. True, Nature never fails. Time she got a macro lens.