Monday, May 6, 2013

Jai Ho!

My FB friend Pandit Gourang Kodicalji, recently posted a great photograph of 3 cats. Smart, spiffy, alert and totally dedicated , and it brought to mind,  childhood flag hoisting on National Days celebrated at school, as we proudly stood saluting the flag, without moving, watched by all at school.

Something inspired by the expressions on the faces of the cats.....

We may be
like stealth runners
as we leap about,
chasing public rats,
and occasional

that sometimes practice
in lofts and balconies.

We are like kids,
lapping up stuff,
and licking the bowl clean,
to rush out to play
and unravel balls of wool,
and sometimes,
to curl up ourselves
like a ball
on the keyboard
of a warm laptop.

But watch us
in action
when they play the anthem.

We are simply the cats whiskers,
as we stand
brushed, clean,
smart, straight,
at attention,
dedicated to our flag...

Purring a salute......


  1. What a cuuute pic! :D And words to go with it!

  2. Wow! Well written and the pic is fabulous!

  3. Beautiful picture and beautiful words!