Sunday, May 26, 2013

Elephantine Fix

My FB friend Pandit Gaurang Kodical posted this amazing visual on FB.

An elder seriously perturbed elephant, sweating out his load of worries, kind of unmoved, by the beseeching of a junior elephant ,  who seems to have emerged with a lot of mud after messing around in the muck.

I wondered what advice the elder was giving the younger.  And I just remembered the IPL latest scam.

A hassled Jumbo,
listening and advising
a misled young Dumbo
now in much trouble.

Jumbo's difficult times,
his position threatened,
sweating out
the countrywide
of his ambition
of profiteering
through Bat and Ball.

He stands,
firmly stuck in the slush
listening and advising
the careless Dumbo,
who ventured
out of the cement jungle...

"Dont come and whisper,
pretend that
you dont know me,
and you might get somewhere",
he said
"You know,
they say
We have excellent memory,
but some folks in Mumbai
remember even better..


  1. You have given a new meaning to an inocous picture with the swish of your pen.It all lies in the eyes of the beholder.Great pic and great thoughts.

  2. Thankfully these animals are far above all kind of fixes :)

  3. Superb Capture btw!