Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Bozoical Clarification....

Ah ! Bozo Amembal, Mumbai's blogger dog, is back after a long hiatus. He has been a steadfast pillar of strength in the house, with  Deepak away on his three country trek, and  breathes a sigh of grateful relief,  now that he is back from those sojourns in the hills and beaches,  with the Desert Storme. 

Yes, it has been tough, and he is aware of who he needs to thank ; actually he has been a quiet devotee of Bappa for a long time.  

Clearly, these have been months of growing up, in more ways than one. Deepak recently posted a photo on his blog and FB, saying Bozo was acting "Pricey".

 And Bozo doesn't like being called Pricey.  (Must be the influence of that pricey Desert Storme)..........

"Pricey" :
it is a wrong choice
of word.

I rejoice
in the
advent of winter,
cool saambaar weather,
no rain,
folks back from
countrywide trips,
a room
to celebrate
a sense of thanksgiving,
happiness and good health
with Bappa.

I notice
that Bappa's usual vehicle
is missing.

And so
I consider it
a "priceless" opportunity
and a great honor
to stand guard
as a substitute
Bappa vehicle.

If you think
that is "pricey" look,
Hmmpf .....

Just my 2 woof clarification....

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