Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Bozoical Miltonian Win

Bozo Amembal, Mumbai's canine blogger, has learned to take Mumbai's young-people's-fast-lifetsyle in his stride. Despite some metallic types dragging away his chronicler and mentor Deepak , on wild trips across the country, he has learned to take a long term view instead of instant excitements amidst engines firing and sparking ...

And this is his time to rejoice and enjoy. His dearest friend is visiting from far away lands, and he sits happily, watching the new goodies about to enter his life.

Bozo's philosophy.  It works.  Someone  called John Milton said something similar once.

They also win
who simply sit and wait...

like Miss Desert Storme,
snatch away my folks
and take off with them
spewing exhaust
across mountain roads
and riverside ways,
on therapeutic organ upgrades
at special places en route,
and keep wandering for months.

And then there are folks like me,
who learn
the art of patience
as they grow old,
count our everyday blessings,
keep the environment clean,
and wait
for a special person
to come in a special season,
with special gifts
that light up my eyes.

Eat your heart out
or should I say,
Eat your carburettor out,
Desert Storme.

Like I said,
They also win
who simply sit and wait...

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