Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Dream House स्वप्नातले घर ....

There simply is no explanation  for a lady painstakingly designing and setting up an entire realistic dollshouse for a little girl, complete with rooms, wallpaper, furniture, decorations, plumbing, lighting , carpeting , linen, flowers, flooring , curtains and what have you, all custom designed by herself with a friend. 

The lady is an indulgent grandma, and the little girl, is her only granddaughter, old enough to appreciate and get super thrilled with this.  Some other curious  grandkids are also drawn to it ....
My childhood friend Vidya Vartak Joshi, is the artistic grandma, who initiated and completed this incredible project.  
Take a bow, Vidya !

कधी कधी एका आजीच्या मनाच्या
एका कोपर्यात
काही स्वप्ने घर करून बसतात
आणि नातीच्या साठी
ती अर्किटेक्ट , इण्टिरिअर डिझाईनर,
सुतार, गवंडी आणि शिंपी
पण बनते .

विशाल सोफे,
दिवे आणि पुस्तकांचा दिवाणखाना ,
थंडीचा रंग बघून
लपाछपिकर्णारे पडदे ,
गुलाबी रजई वाला पलंग ,
गोड धोड बनवण्यासाठी
सर्व सोयीन सकट एक अत्याधुनिक
स्वयंपाकघर ,
आणि मजेत,
लुकलुकणार्या क्रिसमस ट्री च्या
दिव्यात एका सुंदर
जेवणघरात कुटुंबाबरोबर
घेतलेला मेजवानीचा आस्वाद .

कुठेतरी हळूच
बाळाच्या आगमनाची स्वप्ने बघून
तयार होणारी त्याची
नर्सरीची खोली,
आणि सुंदर सुंदर खेळ आणि कपड्यांनी
भविष्यात भरणारी इवलीशी कपाटे .
आणि मग
कुणा एका हुशार बाळाला
आजीच्या मनाचा सुगावा लागतो,
तो हळूच दार उघडून
आाजीच्या मनात जावून बसतो ,
आणि म्हणतो,
"ताई ग , हे तुझे घर ,
आणि आजिच्या मनात ,
माझे घर !"…
deep in the recesses
of a grandmotherial mind,
grows a dollhouse plan
for a golden granddaughter,
and she gleefully flits
between being
an architect
a designer, a mason,
a carpenter
and a furbisher.

Wide comfy sofas,
a well lit living space
with great bookcases,
tailored curtains
fluttering at the window,
a pink comforter
resting on a pink bed
in a pink room;
a modern swish kitchen
and a twinkling Christmas tree
at a spiffy dining table,
laden with yummy stuff...

A baby's nursery
getting its final touches,
with cupboards
waiting for toys,
and just then 

the  littlest  baby,
crawls up to the house,
pushes open the main door,
and goes straight in
to sit
straight into
the delighted grandmotherial mind,
" Sis, enjoy your house;
as for me,
I am at grandma's ....

:-)  ... "


  1. :) <3 So lovely! You too take a bow Suranga! :)

  2. This is truly beautiful...the English version too ! Thank You, Suranga !

  3. That is awesome, Suranga!! Wow! I would have loved to have had a doll house like that when I was a little girl!!

    1. Sylvia, thank you, and I would have loved one too !

  4. What a lovely gift! The dollhouse puts to shame commercial ones including Barbie's. Loved the little reading room the best :) Your friend Vidya is incredible. Wish I had half the artistic inclination or talent!