Sunday, December 14, 2014

खरं का खोट्ट(ओ) " A Khotto Life

I have these interesting friends, all called Amembal, and all hailing from a certain ancestral village in the coastal areas on the state of Karnataka.  They all simply specialize in photographing all kinds of yummy traditional foods made in their houses, subsequent to which they sit down and polish it all off with a good cup of filter coffee. 

One of them Amit Amembal, recently posted this capture of "Khotto" or a special kind of idli, steamed in a cup made out of leaves of the jackfruit tree. 

To see how the cups are made, watch this .

These idlis, look a bit bossy compared to the normal idlis one makes, giving rise to some political thoughts.  And it is simply incidental that the word "khotto" is very close to something in marathi that means "lies". 

भारदस्त नेते
फणसाच्या पानाच्या स्पेशल आसनात बसून
चिंतन बैठकीत

वाफेत मोठ्या मोठ्या गप्पांमध्ये गुंग.

चटणी मोळगापोडी पामराना
आपलं वाटत
रहाते ,
हे लोक फणसासारखे आतून कन्वाळू बनतील .

पण त्यांच सगळ लक्ष
साम्बारी आगमनाकडे असत …
आणि बिचार्र्या चट्ण्या घोषणा देत
एकिकडे पडून रहातात ....

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  1. Wow! You even researched making of Khotto zhonne!