Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Soft Wares and Soft Wears ..........

There is something star-like , about not being self conscious, yet enjoying the feel, the fall, and the print,  and the non five star  ambience at the world's most popular fashion extravaganza, that plays out on the roads of Mumbai.

This photo was posted by my friend Vidya , as a share.

She stands, supreme and stable, in her Corner Mochiwala flats,  displaying the now-you-see-them-now-you-dont Pairovski Anklets,  a bunch of bags on her arm, her face a picture of today's confident woman, pulling up someone on the phone, for possibly, being late.  On the other hand,  maybe she didn't call, but received one, steeped as she is in the Special Missed Call culture.

Welcome to the multitasking , social media outfit wearing woman of Today.  

There are Fashion Week designers who sell telephone and cow  print outfits for outrageous  sums.  

Not this lady. For a traditional touch, the Facebook border is in green, and the blouse too  falls in line. 

Last heard, Samsung and  Apple were negotiating for Sari Rights......

Showstopper for Google,
walking the
Paver Block Fashion Extravagaanza,

in a
WhatsApp saree with
an auspicious green
Facebook border....

Special Twitter designs,
Googlized weaves
on a Youtube Lehenga style palloo
in Pink,
and she sashays
to the edge of the pavement
strikes a pose
at the Zebra crossing,
clicks the rickshawalla
and dials.

She must
make a missed call,
if she has to save
for the next big thing :
The Blue Tooth Nine Yard Saree....

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