Monday, December 1, 2014

Tall thoughts , Green words....

My childhood friend Vidya from Pune, clicked and posted this  capture of symbiotic living, thanks to the Gulmohur tree, which she found on the  greens , where she often goes to play a round of golf.

This crowding of plants of various sizes, cheek by jowl in the lap of a gulmohur, brought to mind the urbanization of Mumbai .  Huge tall buildings in the city proper, towering above tarpaulin studded ground level homes, with a huge deficit of green. And then , right there, there are single family 47 (23?)  storey homes, where the gardens and greens proliferate vertically.

This Gulmohur is luckier. And so are those that crowd inside it to watch the world go by.....

   (photo by Vidya Vartak Joshi)
Nature often aspires
to real life
as we see it.

Or is it the other way around ?

Vast curated greens,
crew cut lawns,
well defined holes,
and folks in noiseless vehicles,
gliding around
and mobilising to tee.

Some proletarian
enthusiastic crowds,
settling in wherever
in nooks and crannies
of old trees of the city;
some big well connected ones
lording it over others,
and some powerful
in sheer numbers,
looking up
and peering
to see
the ball in flight.

And the big one,
nudging the young ones
with its white root
said ,
" This is so much nicer
than living and seeing
next to you,
a 47 storey
vertical garden house, na ?"

And the Gulmohur,
listening in
smirked and said ,
"Ha ! Indeed ! Antilla !...."


  1. Dear Ms Suranga, You missed a great co-incidence which a poet like you could have made great use of. I am putting my tidbit of Botany knowledge at risk here [I learnt it in 1969, so pardon mistakes please]. Gulmohur plant on which you see those small three leaves plants actually belong to the same family [Leguminosae] though not the sub family. The tiny plants seen [not the banyan] actually behave like 'touch me not' plant or LajaLu - in that they close the leave if you touch, and surely every evening as if they go to sleep. This is like a big father putting its little daughter to sleep!
    I am sure that you can use this with great effect.

    1. Vivek, wow, thanks for the info ! Didnt no about the Lajalu effect .... in today's world, it is comforting to know ....