Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Leonine Comment.....

My cousin Madhuri Pai posted this photograph,  clicked on her recent visit to Sasan Gir, a National Wildlife Sanctuary in the western state of Gujarat.

As she says, they could observe these lions for a long time, as they were resting, and just watching them so long was an amazing experience.

It just  occurred to me that besides an impression of a royal afternoon siesta, there was something else that was being conveyed....

(photo by Madhuri Pai)
So many stately kings
now in the Sun

Swachh Abhiyans,
so many posing
with brooms,
and kharataas.

It takes a Gir Queen
to understand,
that the Swachh Abhiyan
starts from onesself,
and the King
continues to reflect
on the stupidity
of the evolved bipeds
excel at licking
those in power....

1 comment:

  1. What a majestic sight. And your poetrypoetry fits in wonderfully.