Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Turn for the Better .... वळण लावलेला सागर सेतू

This is a wonderful capture of the Bandra Worli Sea Link , posted  from the Bandra Fort Side, by my friend Deepak Amembal, as part of the Monochrome Mania Series. 

A relatively new bridge on Mumbai's western Seaboard, connecting the two western suburbs of Worli and Bandra, and designed to cut commuting time , this is a new landmark construction in a city , which was until then used to old style straighter bridges over the creeks.  
Clearly, the Arabian Sea near Mumbai, must have felt something .  Those waves rolling across towards the bridge (lower right), probably had something in mind, in Marathi and then in English....

(Some expressions in Marathi cannot be translated into English ...  :-)    )

गावात नव्यानीच आलेली सीलीन्का ,
आणि बातमी सन्सनाटीच होती …
कमनीय , उत्कृष्ट तब्येतीत ,
सागरात डौलदार पणे
लक्ष वेधणारी ती,
आणि किनार्यावरील खडकांच्या
खोड्या काढणारे लाटाभाई
अचानक तिच्याकडे वळले
आणि शिस्तबद्ध युवकासारखे
तिच्याकडे धाउ लागले .

गोंधळून गेली,
थोडी थांबली,
"इश्श, काय हे !"
म्हणत झटकन डावीकडे वळत
वरळीला निघून गेली ….

 New in town,
Miss SeaLinka,
clearly a sensation
when she arrived.

Perfectly sculptured,
healthfully strong
the cynosure of all eyes
as she stood
in the sea ,
and t'was a matter of time
the WaveDadas,
who troubled the rocks
suddenly noticed her
and started rolling towards her
with alacrity
and foam
in their eyes.

alarmed  and
a bit confused,
just got all her cables together,
and said ,
"Oh, My my ...."
and quickly took a sharp left
and simply rushed

to meet
her future at Worli...

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  1. That's a great shot!! Hope all is well there, I'm up and running again!! Hooray!!