Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sanskari Uthappas!

There cannot be anything more delightful, than the Grandma of the house, making a special Sunday breakfast for everyone.

My friend Amit Amembal recently posted this capture of the Uthappas prepared his Mom , both the routine and the stuffed/sandwich variety, before he devoured them.

And though Uthappas may have suddenly been found themselves famous on Facebook, and becoming popular ,  it is good to know, that , at the end of the day, an Uthappa never forgets his traditional Sanskars...

I guess Alok Nath would greatly approve... 

Grains of rice and
and pulverized ,
lying in an
agitated fermenting state
all night,
talking about the
morning program.

A Stepping on to a hot tawa,
and a coming of age,
escorted by
of every hue and color,
and adorned with
capsicum and mint
studded with
onions , tomatoes & peanuts.

And the older Uthappa,
nudged the latest one
to arrive,
and said,
"You might think
you look like a pizza,
but that's no reason to forget
your Sanskars
when you see Grandma."

And the younger one,
bashful on the plate,
promptly folded over
in a Namaste,
unconcerned about
some capsicum types
that didn't understand
what was going on. 

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  1. An original is an original, no matter what the firangi types believe and want others to believe. Good one!