Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Grand Summer Debut .....

After Bozo, Mumbai's premier blogger dog, it's time for the feline folks. This time from the well known Bitey clan of Minneapolis, MN. USA.   Introducing Liza  Bean Bitey, of Pearl Mansions, Minneapolis. 

You might think she has just spotted a bird, or a butterfly or a pesky insect  and is mobilizing to pounce. 

No. She has other plans. Bigger ones.

And like most ladies running for office,  she is planning to go with her entire  3 part name : Liza Bean Bitey. (This is her name at birth; she isn't married to anyone in public life)

Clicked by Brian Vork-Zambory.
Liza Bean
of the Minneapolis Biteys..

She has suspected so
for some days,
but must confirm.

with her laptop,
an approaching summer day
in the lawn
that waits
for a summer facial,
and Liza watches,
eyes widening
as her duplicate
appears on the screen
after a Pearly tap
on the human keyboard.

The same eyes,
the same whiskers,
the same alert ears
to news
about herself,
the same coverage
by the Greens
the same amazing ability
to keep things
about herself
from the inquisitive
buzzing and flapping types
with whom she has
tangled violently before.

The one in the laptop
can stay there.

But Liza Bean
slurps some milk,
chews a fish,
licking her whiskers clean,
at her own qualification,
declares herself
a candidate
in the forthcoming election...

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  1. Pearly tap .... Love your turn of phrase Suranga tai! :D <3