Monday, May 4, 2015

Last words, Deaf Listeners.....

So many photographs speak more than a thousand words.  But in today's world of mindless speech obsessed leaders, words have been devalued.  So a photograph must now speak a million words.

This a photograph , clicked by me (for a change), yesterday,  while cutting yellow capsicums /peppers  for dinner.

 As someone who gets her thrills from learning new stuff about the human  body, and has a great interest in anatomy, this was a visual that shouted a message.

Keep your lungs clean, worry about light colored patches in X-rays,  respect your body and the various troops it mobilizes for your defense, and that winning the Big C War means winning all the small small ones within you. 

(And yet, we have rulers who do a rethink on displaying disfigured face photos on cigarette packets, because some lobby says earning is better than burning(within the body....)

veggies teach
what so many experts cannot.

A yellow pepper
in its last few moments
before falling into a hot wok,
sending a desperate message.

That black is beautiful,
it is the light patches
that must cause you worry.

That your lungs
have  root areas
with  hilum lymph armies
at their base,
that are trained
like the ATS
to fight the tobacco terrorists.

But like the alert citizenry,
you and your brain
must cooperate
in keeping them away.

These hilum lymphs
sense danger,
swell in bravery and anger,
fight full of
the fluid of leadership,
only to
lose it all
to rudderless attacking cells ,
growing without any control,
ravaging everything in their path.

Disgusted, tired,
and dark in depression
they sit
they mirror society,
or society mirrors them.

And all the while,
the firmly middle class Aorta,
helplessly watches it all,
from behind,
at how
those with evolved brains
could be so stupid. 

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