Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Pearly Feet Lament

It is currently fashionable to go on vacation and take a photograph of your feet.  A friend in India cycled to the banks of the Narmada, lay in the grass and clicked his well shod feet, and posted on FB.  He inspired a poem .

Now my friend Pearl from Minneapolis did NOT go on a vacation , but still posted a photograph of her feet  , possibly ensconced in fluffy slip-ons ,  as she sat admiring the flowers and red car. (Maybe she was just reading the paper).

I am partial to bare feet, and do not enjoy wearing footwear in the house.  In empathy which all such feet which are constantly covered up , I present ,  a cry from the heart by the feet,  the Pearly Feet Lament.

The Pearly Feet Lament

You drive,

you run,
you walk,
you climb,
you slide,
you kick,
you twist,
and I am always
with insecurities and doubts
even in water
where I am smothered

Then you sit back
at a window
with lovely flowers
trees, lawns,
and a red car,
and doesn't it strike you,
that the shoes hurt,
they block my vision,
and that I need to see it all too ?

Photos are taken
of those on vacation.
And not me.

All those pedicures,
and nothing to show the world.




  1. I, too, am barefoot when able. :-) As we like to say, you got to let the dogs breathe.


  2. Yep, I kick off the shoes as often as possible!!