Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hail the Knight !

Bozo Amembal , Mumbai's premier blogger dog just got awarded !

No it was not something he can display on his blog, or something for which he had to appear in front of someone in his finery as some band played. Nor was it a gift certificate to Flipkart etc for writing something in praise of something.

 This was a public award, which actually came via the postman, who must have proudly announced his name while ringing the bell. No kneeling in front of anyone, shoulder taps with swords, and some one saying "You may rise!" . 

(In fact Bozo is known to have leaped upto the postman's shoulders, instead  of a sedate "rising")

Bozo is now Sir Bozo Amembal, as you can see.  And will be wearing his special award on all special occasions in the family.

His thoughts on this momentous occasion...

A lifetime
of companionship,
a lifetime of loyalty,
a lifetime of dedication,
as he grows
from a
mischievous puppy
into a responsible sensible adult.

He understands
but cannot speak,
and his actions speak
more than words.

A quiet appreciation
of all the good
that he is blessed with in life.

Like the Hapoos Mango said,
it is all about
being the good child of the tree,
partaking of
the goodness of the Earth,
and then giving it back
to all those around you
season after season,
year after year.

Awards come
to those
who are seen to be
the Hapoos
in lives of others.

Those who get wax polished,
preen and
show off their labels,
like imported apples,
all take and no give,
end up 'applying'
for awards....

Just saying....