Monday, May 25, 2015

The Evolution of Smart Chairs

In this era of Smart phones, Smart cities, Smart cars, Smart televisions, Smart watches,  and so on, it should not surprise anyone to know that even rickety chairs are now turning Smart.

This photographed clicked by my friend Vivek Patwardhan on one of his trips in the hinterland of Maharashtra.  So many political flags claiming a position on the chair. 

In a democratic setup , everyone has a right to turn Smart.  Including the DNA of the Chair.

I wonder if we will ever get Smart roads ....    


खूप खटाटोपाने ,
लबाड प्रयात्नांने , गोड बोलून ,
खोटं बोलून,
बेकार आश्वासने देउन,
खुर्ची मिळाली
कि लोकाना वाटे कि आपण
आयुष्यात वर आलो ,

आता खुर्चीला सुद्धा पत्ता लागला आहे .

झेंडे लागले,
कि ती आपली आपण वर येउन बस्ते.

It is a truth
earlier universally acknowledged,
immense unethical efforts,
tricky statements,
sweet talking
and giving false assurances,
usually leads
to the occupation
of Chairs of High Authority,
much aspired for.

Now even the Chairs have learned.

The minute the flags are fixed,
the Chair
simply elevates by itself.

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