Saturday, May 23, 2015

The "Ananta"nic....

A beautiful capture of the stages of birth of the Ananta flower.  So great is the care and environment, that  it is not important whether this is a fancy garden .  It is actually ,  Deepak Amembal's  Mumbai balcony.

Just now posted by my friend Deepak Amembal.  And the next photo, will be that of two flowers blooming together , not believing their luck ; that of being born in his balcony with wonderful care and a great photographic chronicling of the event.

Small events . But with a HUGE message .
A great conception,
nurturing and caring,
along with so many others;

a willing sharing of
the manna from the earth,
with others
in need,
wrapped in the "anant"onic sac
amidst tough mentor stems,
and sheltering leaves.

To each
it's special season
of birth and growth,
with the same excellent care.

To grow
and dedicate a life
celebrating a God,
or perhaps
to adorning the queen's hair.

A slow aging and withering
and a passing away
leaving behind
the lovely fragrance
of a life well lived.

And nowhere,
did anyone ask
or care
or react,
on whether it was
a male
or a female flower.

It is only
in the world of bipeds
that it is dangerous
to be born,
and sometimes even before,
be declared,

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