Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Born of the Heart.

Nature often conspires to show us something useful. If we only noticed.

My friend Vidya Vartak Joshi, posted this amazing photograph,  of a typical summer scene in the garden.  Greens in profusion,  leaves intermingling, some heat affected dehydrated types, some prosperous hefty loaded  jack fruit types, and amongst all this,  an amazing mango sapling making a new life  in a coconut palm trunk. 

So many lessons there for us opinionated types.   Mothers are mothers. Age and blood has nothing to do with it. When the wish to do good and help exists, Nature and the Universe , conspires to make it work.  

Hail the monsoons ! 

Ripened in place,
poked, scratched, and bitten
by simians and birds,

one day she
gets deliverance
as she falls free,
leaves, branches
and occasional concrete
to rest
in a lonely geriatric
senior citizen coconut trunk,
bereft of its palms.

In a world of greens,
where childless trees,
occasional ornamental types,
some leaning on others,
some dehydrated,
some in blossoms,
some about to give birth,
and some
prosperous ones,
carrying the burden
of their large amorphous green ,
as yet labelled mama's boys
clutching on,
they let the fallen lady be,
letting her
pick up her own life,
her own domicile,
and welcome her
whole heartedly
to their world in the Sun.

of the rules, labels,
morals and reservations,
need to learn.

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