Friday, May 8, 2015

Jambhul Akhyan

A fruit that makes you believe in the concept of Inner Beauty, in these days of Fair and Lovely makeup, blush-ons, and erstwhile super smooth skins. 

While Indian Summers, like in life, are ruled by the upper strata mangoes throwing their weight and connections around and trying to be in the News, A quiet entry is often made by the Jambhul (Jamun)  with a scientific name like Syzgium cumini.

A fruit with a different philosophy altogether. My friend Deepak Amembal, captured a bunch of these,  complete with their growing pains, hurts, blemishes  and all. But most of all their taste !

For some,
it is important,
that everything associated
with them
is high.

Publicity at birth,
Development through childhood,
Pubertal Celebration amidst
a fragrant blossoming,
A coming of age Display
in fancy boxes,
in Gold, Yellow, Red
amidst a remnant Green,
High Glycemic melting innards,
carefully covered
by a skin that is developed thick.
And a huge hue and cry
at the slightest sign
of injury, fall or dark spots
an appearance in the News.

And then some
for whom,
everything associated is Lower.

Life is about
being the lighter ones
in weight,
hanging around
in their green days
with friends on various branches,
facing uncertain winds
and involuntary moves.
Facing a summer sun
slowly tanning them to a dark purple,
as the snow white innards
do their bit,
coloring and streaking
their own life
transmitting all the goodness
to the tough seed inside.

A smaller size,
and an even smaller ego,
as they quietly grow up,
accepting and celebrating
the colors and rules
of Nature.
The outer
perhaps imperfect skin,
like a mother
bearing proudly
signs of age
like jewellery
while bringing up sensible kids,
a decent physique,
Reasonable Gylcemic Index,
a sensible non cloying
tingling taste
and a very clever seed
that holds close
the secrets to human health. 

Very clearly.
Life isn't
about high worth individuals
flaunting their style,
but about
a bunch of these,
sitting together,
amidst some green leaves
in a basket,
watched by an old wizened grandmother
weighing her options,'
and giving them to kids in
leafy drones.

the dark purple
streaks on their tongues
are more exciting
than adventures with the
hi fi golden ones...


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