Saturday, May 23, 2015

Historic tussles ....

Like The BJP and Congress, there is an old ongoing tussle going on in Bandra between Bozo, Mumbai's blogger dog, and Desert Storme, a metallic fashionista.

 The bone of contention is my friend Deepak Amembal, who actually lives with Bozo, but sometimes takes off in an unexplained manner for days together with the Desert Storme.

Clearly the beginnings of a great Bollywood  movie.  Old enmities, biker group villains in black outfits,  exhaust smoke, roars,  barks, and leaps . I mean , the fashionista always travels with mirrors.... 

More so, in the light of  of the Desert Storme's recent efforts at getting a wash and makeover.  At some fancy place in Ghatkopar. 

Bozo simply does not approve.  And he knows that those who get kicks out of sipping petrol will never understand.  There is  something to be said for being your age. 

I mean, can there be anything better, than being given a great bath by a family member, followed by a rub, and some delicious dosa later  ? 

We fellows
take all our spo
hurts, injuries,
and changes of color
in our stride,
we observe
life around us
and that's how life is.

What can I say
about a self obsessed
Desert Storme,
that prefers to spend time
amidst Hondas
and I20s, I10s, Dzires
and Swifts,
gets all carried away
by filmy looks,
and then
on a Fair and Lovely transformation
in Ghatkopar ?