Monday, May 18, 2015

Brun Kaurava in the time of Breakfast ....

There are food photos that are beautiful works of art, and then there are those , which make you ravenously hungry the minute you look at them.

This one , of the dramatic encounter between the Omelette and the Brun Pav, falls clearly in the latter category, clicked as it is , by my friend Deepak Amembal, just before having breakfast.

Gifted golden hearted folks , with a great taste in life, and being overpowered , by the smooth operator, Brun Pav.

Why do I think this is a reflection on our society......

कधी कधी
आयुष्यात आपल्या हातात काहीच नसतं .

अचानक एखाद्या वाडग्यात पडणं ,
जरा कुठे आसपास चा पत्ता लाग्तोय
तेवड्यात कन्द्याञ्चा तांडा
हसून हसून अगदी तुकडे होउन
त्यांना येउन मिळ्ण ,
"मी पण , मी पण " म्हणत
हट्टी हिरव्या मिरच्यांची ,
"अग जरा दमाने घे"" आस म्हण्णार्या
कोथिम्बिरी समवेत
ह्या सगळ्यात उडी ,
आणि मग
देवाचे नाव घेत,
काटे चम्छ्याना चुकवत चुकवत
एका गरम तव्यावर धावत पडणं ,
आणि चटके सोसत सोसत ,
आपल्या आयुष्याचा ह्या वळणावर
एका प्लेटीत येउन
नशिबाला सामोरं जाणं .

आणि एक विचारवंत बृन मस्का ,
थोडा लोण्याचा थर लेउन
जवळ येउन म्हणतो,
"खरच ! हेच निष्काम कर्म .
कुठल्याही फळा ची आशा न ठेवता
आपले कर्म करत रहाणे ….
वाह ! "

पण आजच जग कसं आहे , बघा !

कि हाच बृन मस्का
अधाश्या सारखा त्या ओम्लेट वर तुटून पडतो ।
आणि आपण कौरव असल्याचे सिद्ध करतो …
you cannot control
what life has in store for you.

Falling, all broken,
into a bowl,
and a shower
of hee haw onions,
all cut up
and rushing to meet them.
Immature selfish Mirchis
"Me too, me too"
despite the Coriander leaves
advising caution,
only to later fall in themselves.
A dodging
of angry forks,
a beating
and a final desperate escape
on to a hot griddle,
all the time
between hot burning touches,
what future
now has in store.

And a prosperous philosophical
Lord Brun Maska,
slathered with
the butters of Life,
approaches close,
admires it all
and says,
"Wah ! Lady Omeletta,
This is , Nishkaam Karma !
Doing your stuff without hoping for
the fruits of your labor...."

But she doesn't realize
the ways of this world.

The aforementioned
Lord Brun Maska,
all in pieces
at the sight of Lady Omeletta ,
greedily devours it all.

In the Plates of Kurukshetra
despite the teachings
of the Geeta,
someone has to be the Kaurava na ?....."


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