Monday, October 24, 2011

Life Crossings.....

Blogger friend Dhiren aka Hitchwriter was recently the official blogger for the MTB Himachal Cycle race, a difficult trip through the mountains and hills of Himachal Pradesh. Despite being part of a priviledged group that travelled in a four wheeler, observing stuff, there came a time when they had to traverse certain areas on foot, and climb through jungles at night, after finding the bridge below, in pitch darkness.

As he says,

"...this was by far the most eventful two days during the trip... a trek from Tandlu the last motorable point at 11.30 pm on a moonless night trying to cross a river and climb a mountain to reach Janglik at 1.30 am !!!! The trek was shit scaring however no one mentioned anything till we reached. Once we reached we realised that even in 2-3 Degree temperature we were sweating like hogs !!!!!

A super super adventure trek... too bad it was too dark to click pics ! but then something are just in the heart !"

See the other pictures here

Naturally, some old lady thinks there is a lesson to be learned......

(photograph by Dhiren)

Many crossings in life
difficulties and problems
in full flow
and spate),
are made,
thanks to 
the age old
carefully prepared
and structured
piles of
"PuNya"***  support
of your ancestors,
of the
shaky dark paths
ahead of you.......

*** PuNya : Good Karma of your ancestors benefiting you....

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