Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bunker in the woods.....

Blogger friend Ladyfi is a British lady living in Sweden, has a absolutely wonderful photoblog, and posts in amazing detail some photographs of some World war 1 bunkers, that were found and preserved in Sweden, in the woods. Like massive Viking helmets, rising from the ground. Have a look at them here . (She has kindly allowed me to use some of her photos here).....

Some of her photographs, taken inside the bunker, give a lot of "character"  to the bunker.  Mean looking, darkly foreboding, sinister chap,  sniffing and being disapproving about what today's world has come to......suddenly Archie Bunker came to mind...(that's how old I am :-)

I wouldn't want to be inside or even nearby such a bunker  on a cold dark night....:-)

 (inside the bunker, looking out. photo by Ladyfi)

(the actual bunker in the woods, photo by Ladyfi)
The old Man Bunker, white of hair
falling over his wide eyes
that reflect
the beauty and light
of the green outside;
a dark snub nose
sniffing superiorly sideways
and dark lips
wrinkly carved cheeks
pursing to the left
in abject disapproval’
“Hmmpf !
What’s this lady doing here with a camera ?”

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  1. What delightful words! And thanks for featuring my shots.