Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bozoical Pearls of Wisdom

Bozo went through some lonesome times when his family was on a North India trip. An avid watcher of the ethos of this city, he did a lot  of reflection (see photo) on his own  when alone, and finally took recourse to Yoga , in the form of "Balasan ".  What he didnt know that this is called "A Child's pose" (bal ~ child), and helps clear anxieties and bring calmness to your mind. 

Blogger friend  Magiceye  clicked him during one such session. And posted it , on Bozo's own blog, to inspire all his worldwide friends like Sam Schanuzer, Lindy etc.

My worldly anxieties,
worrying about
bothersome folks
throwing stones,
driving speed contraptions
all over the street,
wayward girls like Lassie,
local Pandus
gleefully troubling folks
at Bandstand...

I tried
praying at the Bandra Fair,
seeking the Siddhivinayak,
even the Haji Ali Dargah
via the Sealink,
but finally
found a solution
in Balasana,
a Child's Yoga pose,
to be done by elders....

Guaranteed to
remove anxiety,
calm the mind,
nod off on cool floor;

However . 

I'm just waiting
for the wonderful
fish lunch
happening in the kitchen.....


  1. Wonderful words to go with Bozo's shot!

    Please feel free to use my bunker shots.

  2. Aww... what's Gabbar Singh doing on your blog!!? :) :D :D

  3. I love it! Perfect words indeed to go with Bozo's capture! How fun!


  4. ladyfi Thank you !

    IHM Gabbar Singh and Bozo . Maybe someone can make a blockbuster on these two, separated at birth or something. I know GS does Yoga too :-))

    Sylvia Thank you ! Maybe Bozo can teach Sam some asanas ?