Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bozoical jungle philosophy....

Bozo, (the only dog in mumbai with his own blog), again suffered from separation pangs , when his master and my  blogger friend Magiceye, took off for an invited visit to Corbett National Park recently.   

Since it's very hot in Mumbai now, he (Bozo) didn't do his usual activities of  going for a walk in Bandra too often, stayed in the house, awaiting the return of Magiceye, and showed a rare maturity of thought (despite all the leaping up and down and wagging of tails)  when Magiceye returned....

Like Bozo said:   " Forgive him guys... He had gone on a trip to the jungles to spot a tiger... Thank God he has come back safe!  "

Actually, I know what Bozo was thinking .......he told me. You can see it in his face :

"Talking of jungles,
this city is becoming one,
made of two wheelers,
and intimidating individuals,
drunkenly driving
to kill......

I know
Lord Ram
went to the jungles
with his family
obey his cunning aunt.....

I know Pandavas
went to the jungles
that too
with family,
they lost a bet
and a kingdom
and had to honor the rules.

In today's world,
don't have cunning aunts,
they don't lose bets
and kingdoms,
and they actually fly
to the jungles
to see tigers,
as a prize !

Seeta and Lakshman
went with Lord Ram,
All the Pandavas
went with Youdhishtir,
i guess
the least
I can do
go to the jungles
next time
with Deepak ....:-)

Wishing Bozo a wonderful trip in the future ......!

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