Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Champion....

Blogger friend LadyFi, is a British lady living in in Sweden. Read more about her here.

About her dog, Oscar, who appears here, she says, "No matter how cold it gets, In frost or snow, Oscar is always ready to dive into rainbows And swim in waters of reflected skies of blue....." .

I so agree. And I guess , so do Bozo, Sam Schnauzer  and company.

  (all photos by Ladyfi)
at the breast,
hind legs
stretched like an arrow,
he leaps
in his Freestyle
into the blue.

the blue of the clouds,
the floating white
stroking by,
the sharp green
with the leaves applauding
his stance.

No Speedos
and body suits,
but a luxuriant
royal brown,
An Oscar,
fit for a king.

Eat your heart out
Michael Phleps and Alexander Popov….


  1. Ah- this is just wonderful!

  2. Oh, yes! Wonderful indeed! I saw her photos earlier this morning and loved them!