Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hurt, not retired, and still batting....

This is a photograph  of a hurt and injured butterfly, clicked in the Sanjay Gandhi National park, Mumbai, by  blogger friend Magiceye, and posted as part of the Mumbai Daily : Saturday Photohunt " series.

Butterflies sometimes have "fake" eyes on their wings. They are actually a defense mechanism, a trick to divert the attention of the predator from the main body /head/trunk of the butterfly.   

It appears, that quite like what we observe in the real human world today, "goondas", or  predators have often started seeing through the opponents' or victims' strategies. And so this butterfly probably struggled, as it had its wing partially torn. 

A sad commentary on our world today....

(photograph by Deepak Amembal magiceye)
In today's world,
goondas prevail;

a lady bus commuter
has an
imitation gold
necklace snatched;
the thief returns
to berate
attack her
on her face:
how dare she cheat a thief !

So does a butterfly,
with false eyes
on dorsal wings,
designed to divert
the goonda insect's
from the main body,
suffer a later
on the imitation eyes.

A torn wing
and a
scratched neck and face.
The butterfly and the lady
learn to flutter,
utter something,
and get on
with the business
of flitting
and living
in a sometimes cruel world.

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