Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Coming home....

Blogger friend E. lives in the midst of the woods in a cottage, in one of the South Eastern states of the US.  In her late seventies, she has a wonderful green thumb, and enjoys a wonderful garden of flowers,herbs,vegetables and fruit, and is blessed with the sight of the woods, and endless growing farmland with corn and soy crops, as she sits  on her patio, enjoying her cup of tea, sometimes by herself, and sometimes in the midst of her family, young and old. 

She recently wrote a post on how at one time she was interested in having a greenhouse, and recently went to visit one.

She takes wonderful photographs (see below and her other posts), and that set me thinking.........

As she says, "But at the moment I will take the woods, dirt, gardening, Miss Callie (dog), and my small cottage....."

(all photos by E)
  It is
really a choice...

perfect Miss Americas
on their high heels,
color coordinated and
swaying ,
a fixed smile,
hair falling just so,
not a degree
here and there.

These are exported
and they win prizes.

the other,
is a smiling
well scrubbed girl,
a bit of flour in her hair,
coming to the door
to welcome you,
half way
the surprise cake
she baked for you,
and then
rushing upstairs
to fix that red dress
she wants
to wear for a
special tomorrow

These are those
bring people
home to you.....

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  1. I received this comment from E in my email, although it did not appear here.

    reproducing it below :

    "do not understand
    because of settings
    could not comment
    I know this is happening on some blogs
    and they change something
    have a good day
    it is dawn here in the country
    and my day is starting with a smile.."