Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lonesome on the plateau....

The Kaas Plateau,  which is found near Satara , Maharashtra , in the Sahyadri Mountains, is famous for its myriads of wildflowers that grow  naturally, and is often referred to as the "Plateau  of Flowers" in Maharashtra. It is also sometimes called the Valley of Flowers, as it is surrounded on two sides by Valleys, and millions of these flowers grow on the sides of these valleys.  The monsoon and post monsoon season is the best time to enjoy the beauty of these flowers and the landscape.

While it is now being invaded by hordes of tourists , traffic-jams and all,  trudging carelessly around the flowers trying to photograph them,  blogger friend Magiceye on his trip to Kaas, chanced upon this majestic lone tree, standing in solitary brave splendour on the plateau, surrounded  by the blooming flowers all across.

Just wondered how the tree got there . And how it must feel.  And what the flowers must be saying ....

(photograph by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)
Aeons ago,
the Sahyadris,
in an overflow
of angry tearful Lava
allowed a willful plateau
its sudden rising
and its day
in the Sun.

a valley
amidst the green,
a lone seed
sprouted ahead
through Rocky gaps
and emerged
stubborn solitary majesty,
a doubtful winner.

by waves and waves
of blue and purple
and pink
little ones,
sneaking through the rocks,
to nod in the wind,
the big guy
"You made it !
But guess what,
these bipeds
only want to photograph us !"

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