Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What a life :-(

Blogger friend Magiceye, with his amazing eye , posted this brilliant portrait as part of the Magiceye Fotothing.   A goat, somewhere in the  western region , in North Gujarat or Rajasthan. 

It brings to mind, immediately, the visions of goats, that one sees under some very different situations.  Sometimes, to propitiate some God, sometimes to satisfy some one's greed.

And one can only admire the restraint exhibited by this one, as it thoughtfully, goes about its life, quietly, living in the moment, full well knowing that there may be no tomorrow .....

What a life !

From gamboling
around the mother,
skipping along
to feed on the
green meadows,
policed by a
bossy barking dog,
who is secretly a friend...

To being shoved
in a group
at the back of a truck
and deposited
to be shown off
and examined
as a candidate.

A rope around the neck,
cheek by jowl with
the brethren;
Haggled and sold
to some
who will rejoice
with a single stroke
of a butchers knife,
across his neck.

His is
not to think and hope;
Or to pray
for a life;
He contemplates his purpose
on this earth
and accepts.

There cannot be
so many goats
year after year,
with bad karma
from their previous lives.