Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Bozoical Diwali.....:-(

Bozo, the only dog in Mumbai to have his own blog,  is upset. And in the highest traditions of the Mahatma,  he is following Maun Vrat( a vow of silence), and fasting to protest about something.  

Magiceye clicked this very evocative photo during our festival of Divali, which was recently celebrated. Unfortunately, in Mumbai, it is celebrated with massive and loud fireworks, at decibel levels that are hurtful to humans as well as dogs and cats, and possibly other animals too.

Dogs can hear many more frequencies that we can. And such loud stuff hurts, and stresses out dogs and can get them restless, frightened , quick tempered and unable to eat.  And they look for places to hide and chill out, till all the madness gets over. 

A peep into Bozo's mind ......

(photo by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)
I lie
on the cool floor
on tenterhooks and wonder.

the thunder evenings
at the monsoon end
make me shiver.

And then
this man made
Sound and Light show,
with more sound than light
at Diwali,
as I
under the bed
to damp the noise
and the sudden glare.

And to think,
that in this
modern day and age
you can buy silence in Courts,
and get away with it
no amount of money
can buy silence
in the city.

A city,
under the overload
of concrete, ambition,
money,lies and shame.

I guess most ruins
have Sound and Light shows.



  1. One of my daughter's dogs needs to be given Valium during Diwali. The noise levels are really painful for so many humans too, notably the elderly, the ill, babies and children, as well as many others who do not appreciate loud noise.
    Poor Bozo:(

  2. PS: the poem is brilliant- I love the last lines:)

  3. Loved these lines, I shared my cat's picture in similar misery. I can't imagine what dogs in the streets go through!