Thursday, October 27, 2011

The secret of the Tiger Spots.....

Lakshmi Sharath, prodigious travel writer, photoblogger, and land explorer, along with some other photobloggers and writers, was recently invited to participate on a trip to Corbett National Park. One has been enjoying the various photos that have been clicked by folks, and this particular one got the wheels in the cerebrum churning in wonder.

Spots of early sunlight, in dark blanketed woods in Corbett. I just wondered, what would happen if the colors were reversed. And i learnt the secret of the tigers spots, dark on an offwhite-gold background.

Together, the sunspotted woods and the dark spotted tiger,  make up Nature as a whole;  A bright field day, or as Lakshmi says, "the darkest hour", just before the dawn, in Corbett woods.

(photo by Lakshmi Sharath)
The plus and minuses
the living universe
must balance
into a dark night ,
or a bright
sunny day.

Match this
and complement it
with the tigers spots;
Bright on dark,
and dark on offwhite.

To get
the dark woods,
or a bright day.

I now know
the Corbett tiger
got its lovely spots from....

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