Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jhadoo Pocha of the Heavenly Type

Another amazing capture of early mornings at dawn in the Corbett jungles from prolific travel writer, and photo blogger Lakshmi Sharath, one of the set of bloggers who were recently invited by Club Mahindra to visit the Corbett National Park.

"Jhadoo-Pochha " is the vernacular reference to the sweeping and mopping of the household floor that takes place in every Indian household everyday in the early morning.

The photo magically gives the impression, that the mighty Sun is not immune to these wonderful customs, and is doing a "radiant jhadoo-pochha", of the jungle roads, just ahead of , possibly the jeep carrying the bloggers, coming by......

(apologizing for a ordinary middle class take on such a wonderful photographic capture; but we are like that only ....:-))

(photo by Lakshmi Sharath)
Early mornings in India
sprinklings of dew
on the
just awoken green,
disturbed brown dust,
even the jungle
doesnt miss out
on the
done so radiantly
by the Sun,
giant sweeping
ahead of the
Bloggers group
advancing in the jeep....... 

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