Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beasts, Beauties, and Sunlight on Chrome

Motorcycles  are not normally my scene. I have always thought of them as monsters, ridden by folks in a hurry (in Mumbai) who blatantly overtake from the left. (we drive on the left).

But thanks to my FB friend Vineet Rajan who is a member of a motorcycle club  I was able to view this amazing photograph clicked by his fellow member Manu Goel ( who is now also my friend ;  all I need now is a motorcycle :-)...)

The monsters actually looked like beauties here; like a bevy of beauty contest participants, posing just so, on a stage. And the mirrors helped ...

Just proves  you never know what may inspire a poem......

So many
dark and lovely,
chocolate smooth complexions,
slim centres
with an engine flare.

All standing together,
some leaning in support,
arms out in front,
holding mirrors,
waiting for the results.

And the judges arrive,
in black leather windcheaters
and helmets
and knee pads
and puncture kits
and goggles;
some with backpacks,
and most with a worried look.

And Miss Yamaha
nudges Miss Hayabusa
and says,
" I heard one of them mention
that Gas will now be Rs 80 a litre
And the Enfield lady ,
taps the Pulsarkumari
and says ,
" I guess
that means
we cut down
on vacations
in Goa ?
Sigh............... "


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, and greetings to the latest entry into the pageant ....:-)

  2. If it is Suranga, ANYTHING will inspire her to write one of her inimitable poems :) When Deepak gets his beauty, we can expect more poems, I suppose! Btw, the beauty is the machine even if you want to call the riders beasts. Ask Vinni, he will tell you about his girl...

    1. Zephyr, this photo was so amazing it was an instant inspiration. And Deepak already got his new one, he has posted photos on FB. And Vineet sent me a comment saying he is putting the poem on the Bison's website ....Yay!

  3. And that is as breathtaking a poem as that photograph! One of my friends was a part of the caravan. I am going to show this beauty to him right away!

    1. USP, thank you . The photograph simply shouted B-E-A_U_T_Y instead of Beast, it was so amazing. Even the angles of the mirrors and so on, and of course the light.

  4. Hi Ma'am! Awesome is the word. We as bikers to be honest though pinched very hard by the price increase in fuel; have not really bothered about it. So whether the fuel is 80 or 100, we continue to ride!

  5. This photograph was taken in one of our favorite places to ride - Kumbharli. Every year we have ridden here, its been through mist, hail and storms! No surprises, when we know its the abode of Lord Parshuram himself!

    1. Vineet, Thank you for the nice comment ! I have read some of the writeups by folks in your group, and it sounds wonderful ! Particularly liked the Independence Day trip to Devlali.....