Monday, August 6, 2012

Bozoical Declarations

Each week,Bozo, Mumbai's only-dog-with-his-own-blog  has so much  interesting stuff to tell !  He may not give speeches at the drop of a hat, or vociferously protest   like some folks we all know, but he has been an observer of our society, the family set up, and the environment, and now that he doesn't gallivant around so much with his friends, he has time to deeply reflect.

His mentor and life chronicler , Magiceye, clicked him recently  in such a pose, as he was relaxing on the floor, not just thinking about lunch and garden walks, but some other stuff as well.

Read on ...

Nature or nurture?

And sometimes,
when I am by myself
in the quiet house
I reflect on it.

Abandoned at birth
I ran helplessly with a pack
due to sheer peer pressure,
till a little girl
gathered me up
and took me home.

And there,
I learned little things...

Just like
you didnt play
very loud music,
that disturbed,
you didnt keep wilfully barking
simply because you were
upset , protesting
or telling off another dog...

You  didnt jump on
little children
you met for the first time
because they got
initially frightened...

And you didnt
strain at the leash
as you went for a walk
simply because you wanted to chase
a butterfly.....

You didnt pick a fight
with the neighborhood dog
simply because he growled
a challenge....

Of course
i made mistakes,
but I learned from them.

I think
about how
nature gave us this country,
and how we've failed
to really nurture
the simple citizen,
by our infighting,
runnning after votes and money,
lying to get power,
and destroying
those who think differently.

Nature created me,
this wonderful family
nurtured me,
and taught me
to think
and live differently.

I have thought long
I have thought deep,
and must say
that if ever,
Nature and Nurture
fought an election,
Nurture would win by a landslide....


  1. Suranga, it has been my fortune to be both a witness and a reader of the Bozoic chronicles. Every time a new milestone is added, I run to indulge and as it turns out, my biped soul.

    I have a long held objection to the incorrect reference to the peerless writer of these chronicles however. It is none other than you.

  2. Please read 'as it turns out, chasten my biped soul...'

    This is what happens when I try to hold my position too while attempting to write a comment in a bristling local train....