Sunday, August 19, 2012

Evening Colors

A single photograph can inspire so many streams of thought.

My blogger friend Rain Trueax who lives on a farm in the Pacific Northwest, is a permanent invitee to the Great Nature Show on Changing Season Colors, since she lives in the midst of it all. An accomplished  painter artist, she writes on a wide variety of subjects.

She recently posted a wonderful photograph along with her thoughts in poetry form.
 (Both as below)

watching a leaf
waiting for it
to fall

How does she
help her daughters,
those of birth
and those of
know their own
feminine self?

The earth knows the
 know yourself. 
She has posted this in a post  "Seasons and their Wisdom"  on her blog "Rainy Day Thoughts".

I commented  my interpretation in verse.  And she was gracious enough to let me use her photograph here.  My interpretation below.....

(photograph by Rain Trueax)
Facing life colors
cheerful equanimity
the tree
in russets
and reds
and browns,
shining gold
in the early autumn sun.

There is no
for the loss of green.

And she wonders
how to tell her daughters
if your mind remains green
you need
no other color
to beat
the passages of time
in your life.....

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