Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sunshine Women

My young blogger and FB friend, and a quietly observant and sensitive photographer Swati Maheshwari, recently did a guest photopost for my friend Zephyr Nag. The subject was "the rural woman" as seen through her lens, and the photographs simply oozed strength. 

And it was all about no posing, no accessorizing, no publicity, but a quiet and serious getting on with life, while some urban types suffer diseases caused by the arrogance of abundance.

As Swati says ,

" .....When I look at a woman, my mind is awhirl  with questions, not just one, but plenty that intrigue, tease and make me wonder about the thoughts that go on in her mind. What she is like, who she is in her life, the stories, the joys and sorrows that are etched in the lines of her face.  She is not  just a person, but an entire saga of life itself. As strange as it may seem, every woman is alike in a certain way and yet every woman is unique in her own way. Come with me on the journey of discovery of this wonderful being and her myriad facets...."

Swati blogs at Espial ,  is an amazing photographer,  a PR Consultant , and co-founder at Rustic Art, the creators of an environment friendly and organic range of products.

She is the flower
that blooms,
in the tree’s scheme of things.

Never the “heroine”
next to
dahlias and orchids
in bought bouquets,
she faces
the winds
in the bloom of her life,
aware of the fruit
that comes later.

Unarranged, undisplayed,
but oozing strength
in a seasonal blossom,
she tangles with birds,
while allowing the bees,
and moths,
and tolerates
the wandering
of the little ants
all over her.

She blossoms,
with some like her,
some still tiny,
and some
who actually leave
and are taken away
to adorn
someone’s artificial celebration.

And they all learn,
that regardless
of the time of their Life,
it doesn’t matter,
what color you are,
what size you are,
how sharp you are,
or how old you are.

It is about remembering
what the Big Tree taught you,
getting on with others,
being true to yourself,
putting in the great effort,
facing big storms
and emerging, head up,

Another day,
Another sun,
and she rises,
brushes off some dewdrops,
and smiles
as she sees
in the distance
the silhouette
the little
strong woman
with the camera……..


  1. This poem perfectly complements the post, Suranga. And the analogy of seasonal flowers and these women is so apt!

  2. Loved the vivid imagery in the last verse

  3. Lovely verse, Suranga! As Zephyr said, it perfectly compliments the pictures.

    Very evocative and sensitive photos, too! Kudos to Swati Maheshwari. [I would have commented on her guest-post, but I'm currently unable to post comments on 'Cybernag']

    1. Manju, thank you! I just realized that this entire blog would not have seen the light of the day, if I hadnt seen such lovely photographs clicked, by so many talented folks ! Am grateful for that !

    2. Thank you so much for the kind words! I feel extremely honored to be praised by you all, it means a LOT to me!

      Thanks again :))

  4. beautiful lines.... wonderful photography

    1. Thank you so much :) So glad you liked the photos and the poem just adds so much more meaning to them.

      Thanks again :)

  5. Reading Suranga's poems is liking being caught in a stormy sea. Just when you start thinking you've had it, you are hit by another raging surge. And it leaves you wondering at the enormity of all that you've been through.

    1. USP, Sorry for all the enormous surges :-)) I guess the vastness of the sea, the big and heavy raging surges, and the big storms are inevitable, from someone who tends to being enormous herself :-( ....But thank you ! :-)

  6. wow wow wow.. I jsut read a post at cybernag's on these pictures and now this poem .. wow lucky Swati i will say for getting such beautiful reception on the pictures and she taking such beautiful ones ..


  7. I am indeed very lucky to have got such an amazing response for those photos. I can't thank you all enough for encouraging me to no end to do much better the next time around! Means a lot for an ameteur like me.

    Thanks again! this has been an overwhelming experience for me!

    1. Happy to help and honored to host these photographs here !

  8. I am so honored that the photographs I clicked have inspired you to write this very charming poem.

    I have no words to tell you for this! I am speechless.. A BIG THANK YOU for this. It’s a beautiful poem that sums up exactly what I would like to describe these women as.

    Thanks once again. And a special thank you for mentioning the ‘the little strong woman with the camera..’


    1. Swati , I have seen the little strong woman in action with her camera ! :-) Here's wishing you the very best in your chosen vocation ...

    2. Thank you so much :D Hope to see you soon!

  9. And thank you so much for such a sweet intro! I can't stop smiling! Many many thanks :D

    1. Swati, This has to be a record. 6 comments from one person alone ! What a totally aiyyo moment !

    2. Ha ha! I was replying to every comment that made me go "aaaww". Hence! :D