Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Onam Matriarch

Come Onam, and my FB friend Shruti Nargundkar, writes a wonderful post about spending  the day in Gods Own Country, or Kerala, India's southern most state, celebrating the festival.

Read her amazing post to taste the jackfruits, and various types of chips, , enjoy the fragrance of the jasmines, and delight your eyes with the visions of folks in white and gold, only to be amazed by the wonderful geometry and grandeur of the pookalam...

And before we forget, Avial (photograped by Shruti) for the soul .......(recipe on her blogpost)

high up there
in tete a tetes
with the Windy varun,
her last fling

before leaving 
her high abode...

She climbs down,
amidst a clamour
on the ground,
the little onions,
the slightly older
strong willed chillies,
and the polite cumin and curry leaves
all itching
to be part of her scene,
when she makes
her annual trip
to Onam amusement park.

Back at the park,
the beany youngsters,
and spicy chillies
and bubble in great excitement
as the
immature bananas
elderly drumsticks,
stuffy potatoes,
and various gourdy folks
stewing in their own thoughts
look on
at the uncontrolably
flirting carrots.

A few hissing steams,
and the mango-turmeric police
spraying the Hing canons
to get things under control.

completely absorbed
in the little ones
finally arrives at the Onam park
to a tumultous welcome.

everyone together,
she smiles and looks up,
notices her cousin,
shakes her head indulgently,
and says,
"Ah ! The new generation !
I knew you had a hot job
Never thought I'd see you here,
with the mustard ladies...
But this is Onam,
so do Join us.....

***Naral : Marathi word for Coconut


  1. Wonderful! You have captured the essence of the dish and the post - and the 'shighra kavi' that you are, I am sure you must have penned this in less time than it takes to cook avial! :)

    1. Shruti, sometimes the photo triggers such a response u have to get to down to writing immediately. I have your recipe in one window while I compose. :-)