Thursday, August 16, 2012

Freedom to explore

Young photoblogger  Pankaja Date likes to go exploring amidst the green, more so on monsoon mornings.  She did so, on this Independence Day mid morning, and amongst butterflies, and caterpillars , also chanced upon a ladybug teetering at the edge of the leaf. 

As she mobilized to click it, an ant simply made its way importantly into the frame.

This was the result.  

Like they say, nature reflects what it sees around itself.....

(photo by Pankaja Date Photography)
In the
same undulating green,
two worlds
of the
haves and have-nots

separated by
a self defined line.

On one side,
prosperous black coated
red top-hatted types,
bursting at the seams,
blithely traipsing around,
the smooth life,
unaware that
blind ambition
and overconfidence
sometimes leads to a sheer fall.

And the hardy
of the uneven
occasionally damaged
with potholes ,
testing out the dangers
with their tentative feet,
trying to smell
which way the wind blows,
and what lies below.

A heavy blast
of a monsoon wind,
and the green terrain
sweeps itself
taking the citizenry along.

Do they fall,
do they hold on
to each other together,
or do they
hold on desperately
for their own dear life,
is a telling commentary
on the society
we call our own.....


  1. The have-nots are ready to jump off that pothole and join the haves on the other side :-)
    Beautiful picture.

  2. Alas, even in times of adversity we see the same reflexes among the haves and the have nots. While the latter might stretch a helping hand to the haves, the latter try to save up whatever they have to themselves.

  3. Beautiful picture and what you say is very apt...haves and have nots are divided by an unseen line. Yes, the have nots have got experience with not having enough to survive and this makes them help others who don't have things. The haves don't have the experience and they always like to save for themselves for the rainy day.

    You have said this beautifully, as usual, Suranga.