Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Bozoical Rider

Mumbai's own dog-with-his-own-blog, Bozo, cannot believe his eyes. He now actually has competition in his own house, in the form of a two wheeled, brown, growling machine, currently sitting in the garage.

He is just grateful, it cannot come inside the house. He is also thrilled to bits that it cannot play with the young ones when they come home on holiday, and also that it cannot eat all the good festival stuff that gets made in the house.

But Bozo, is a pragmatic chap, likes to move with the times, has put deep thought into this and has some ideas on how he can join his mentor and life chronicler Magiceye on the various rides. 

As Magiceye's old faithful, he needs to keep an eye on this new entrant , the mechanical beast......

As a guy with four legs,
I've always envied
the bipeds
who have such excellent balance
who nevertheless,
drive on four wheels.

there are wheels
within wheels
cranking in the biped cortex,
as I discovered
when folks rushed out one morning,
and I saw them return
wearing helmets
firing on all cylinders,
on a motorcycle,
the color of my eyes.

I guess
the days of
standing on a seat,
leaning out of windows
into the wind are over.

It's now time
to join the Biker Dogs Motorcycle Club,
helmets that leave the ears free,
and riding goggles
that hide
the jealousy in my eyes.

There are places
that sell motorcycle dog seats
and LED dog Collars.

So many folks wanting to ride,
and only one seat...

But I think I will wait and see,
who Deepak wants
to take with him
on those rides
into a Sanhyadri Sunset.....

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