Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bozoical Life Seasons...

You don't need to know the properties of glass to reflect. Bozo , Mumbai's only dog-with-his-own-blog knows that , as a Holy Book said, "for everything in life there is a season".

There is a season for racing in gardens, there is a season for sprucing up on your way to meeting Luci (of Thiruvananthapuram) for lunch,  there is a season for growling and cribbing, there is a season for hankering after fancy accessories and there is a season for thinking and ruminating about life....

Unlike us bipeds, who are experts at mismatching seasons to activities, Bozo thinks there is something to what the book says.

We guys
may not make
a song and a dance about it,
but we too have
and monsoon fashions,
and preferred colors and stuff.

some unimaginative bipeds
we guys really don't prefer golden blondes
à la Lassie....

It's more about being
a smart chocolate brown
or a butterscotch cream
with streaks of color
or even a shining military black....

As for me,
I'm beyond mundane stuff
like colors
and am more into accessories
like my smart
personalized London collar,
my casual blue one,
and my
impressive harness.

There has always been
a big long
shiny thing
in the house,
in which
I see and admire myself
when I wear this stuff.

It's when
the sun sets,
dinner is over,
windows closed against mosquitoes,
and the lamp shines,
I restlessly move,
till I see a hint of myself
emerge from behind a curtain
in the glass,
and you know what,
when I see
deep into my mind,
and thank God
for my amazing life ! 


  1. Of late, your Bozoic musings have started reminding me of Robert Browning's dramatic monologues.

    1. USP, Thank you for the comment ! Like Bozo, one looks inward and reflects in one's old age...:-}

  2. Looking inward, indeed. Love Bozo and love your verses on him even more :)