Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuberosal Art of Worship

My blogger and FB friend Bhavana Nissima Upadhyaya, posted this lovely photograph on a Nishigandha in bloom. A flower with pride of place in celebrations, decorations, worships and garlands,  and one is convinced , that one knows , where our artistic art forms got their inspiration form.

The first picture, courtesy Google, is that from a dance festival held in Ahmedabad in 2011, where 21 dance forms inspired by Bharatnatyam were presented.

The second clicked by Bhavana, tells you where they all got their insipration from.

And I am sure  SomeOneUpThere smiled and said, "I am glad they are learning ....!"

(photograph by Bhavana Nissima Upadhyaya)
The prayer,
the invocation,
the music
the wonder,
the silks,
the Mudras,
the Rhythm,
and the Naad
so many uniting
to pray and sculpt
in worship, as one.

out amidst
the red silken wet soil,
avid green worshippers,
chirping chants on trees,
buzzing flying stotras,
this heartfelt,
simple prayer
by a dedicated family.

Some geriatric,
some of age,
and some yet to bloom,
so naturally sculpted,
all standing tall
clutching on
to the family matriarch,
and green.

One will go home.

The other
will leave home
to be part
of another prayer,
another garland
in another temple.

Why ?


  1. You obviously see things differently! i appreciate immensely.

  2. Suranga, you are an amazing woman. How do you manage to see so deeply into everything--specially that which would have been mundane to most? A rajnigandha clicked in the hills of Jharkhand in a heavy naxalite area today has found honour and love in the heart of a Mumbai poetess. I am sure the flowers are smiling!

    1. Thank you for the kind words. The minute I saw this photo, I knew there was a dance mudra. And there is something about the entire bearing of the nishigandha/rajnigandha plant, that lends itself to the words. I hope the flowers are smiling too ....