Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mahimwalla Fashion Week...

I am convinced that random highly publicised events, happening in your city, influence the appearance of certain photographs, like this one posted by friend Magiceye, as part of the Mumbai Daily : Camera Critters....

There is a huge hype in the papers about the Lakme India Fashion Week , happening in Mumbai right now.

Just across the marsh from Bandra, the fashion-queen of the suburbs, in Mahim, there is of course, a perennial "fashion-year" happening at the Mahim Nature Park

Green ramps
Floral beauties
sitting cheek by jowl
escorted by
suited stems,
music by
the Buzzing Crickets,
and then
for all other
cool green hangers-on,
standing room only
at the Mahimwalla Fashion Week...

Chyrsallis Makkhanpakshi,
show stopper
from Dharavi,
stepping out,
traipsing daintily,
golden wing palloo
on both sides
held wide,
a defiant face
eye straight ahead
proboscis up.

End of the ramp
and she takes off
muttering ,
about what she has not found.

and still waiting for that
pot of honey....

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  1. Having read it for the third time, I am still marvelling at the layers of meaning embedded in this beautiful poem. The audio-visual imagery is breathtaking.