Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tendrils of the Courageous Type

My FB friend Arvind Khanna posted this wonderful photograph; something he posted as a member of the Delhi Photography Club, and shared with us.

Nature they say , reflects our lives, and possibly vice-versa.  And so we have , occasionally, brave entities, facing all kinds of dark forebodings by gutless superficial folks, as they delve deep into troubled places, and try to work on their own, seeking a solution......finally turning around and back , possibly to a better world; who knows ?

(photo by Arvind Khanna)
Life is easy
when you rest
on the efforts of others,
facing into a blue sky and sun,
waving at the
some flying by
checking you out,
some alighting as a breather
in an actual journey somewhere else.
They skim the surface,
and perhaps
you know who I talk about.

But the toughest thing
is to look inwards,
amidst the dark forebodings,
little yellow glimmers
and a confused
dark populace,
deep in the recesses,
and say,
"I will go in,
investigate the situation,
try to improve it all,
and only then emerge back up.
These folks
are the tough brave ones.
They don't
make them like that anymore....


  1. This was the actual feeling behind this picture when we were discussing. Someone just decided to carve her path and leave behind the dark recesses..however humble the effort.
    You are just brilliant and that has become a cliche now :-)

    1. So many get so much out of a picture when it is as wonderful as this, na ?

  2. brilliantly come you write so much in a day.
    amazing but loving it

    1. The poetry arises out of photos posted, and I dont write more than 2-3 on any day. But I always put them on the Indiblogger site in a lump on any one day , so it appears like its a poetry factory ! :-)) But thank you for the kind words....