Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bozoical cheesy dreams

Bozo, our famous Mumbai dog-with-his-own-blog   is back in his element, after a week of being on his own.  His mentor Magiceye, was out of town, and there is always just so much you can enjoy looking out of the balcony , as it drizzles.

Magiceye is back, after a long driving trip, and Bozo has heard folks ordering  pizza on the phone.  At one time, he might have bounded up and down the house in anticipation.  But like Mufasa , the Lion King, he always lives his life in the balance. 

He will probably nibble on some chicken and stuff, but he doesnt really think too highly about the yeasty crusts, and the "kaphakaarak (=mucus generating)" cheese. Unlike some folks we know who diet to look size zero and beautiful , Bozo listens to those who worry about his health.

But he always  dreams on......

has been a
festival of smells
and sounds,
after a week
of Maun Vrat
and staring out of the balcony.

The smell of rain
and wet earth,
the sound of
a car stopping
and footsteps
on the stairs.
A whiff of shoes and
automotive luggage smells
the house
is full again....

We chaps
have a such
a keen sense of smell,
that sometimes
we even smell things
that are not there yet.

Like they say,
folks are tired from travel
it is late
pizzas have been ordered.

And so I dream
of cheese
and oregano
and pepper
and tomatoes
and chicken,
as I mostly avoid the crust.

No, I am not
on a size zero diet
a la Kareena Kapoor,
nor am I selected
as Hero
of the film
"BozoKumar Pizza le Jayenge"...

Those doctors in Parel
have put me on a diet,
and I can only dream on .....


  1. Everytime you immerse me in Bozo's world, I am filled with a desire to meet the gentledog. Time you got the Chronicles of Bozo published for a wider audience.

    Captivating as ever.

    1. USP, Thank you ! Would you believe I have not met the gentledog myself :-))