Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Bozoical Vacation

Bozo, Mumbai's dog-with-his-own-blog gets a bit philosophical about things.  He is very observant, and quickly notices a change in the household routine.

Some folks think he even understands Konkani and Marathi, not to mention, English.

Recently he noticed a flurry of excited activity in the house, plenty of phone calls, bags being packed, and repacked,  and he realized, on driving  someplace with Magiceye, that he too would be going somewhere for a while , possibly to see some old friends of his.

At first he wondered why . 

While he has now figured out what is happening, and is a bit upset,  he is looking at this time as an opportunity to spend some time and "hang out" ,  as these bipeds say,  with his own set of friends...... 

has been
a sense of excitement
in the house
the last few days.

Sudden phone calls,
quick last minute shopping,
and repacking of bags.

I almost
missed a heartbeat....

The last time
this happened,
she went away to another land
to live with her
Prince Charming,
and we all took time
adjusting to that.

I slowly learned
what happens in a biped world,
when little girls
 grow up.

As for me,
I don't have much to pack,
I am spending
a short vacation
hanging around with some pals
in a special resort.

I hear my folks
will return
in a while.

I just hope
they bring back
my childhood friend
for a short visit.....

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